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DeAnna Holliday

Executive Director
Chris Chiles

Policy Committee

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The Policy Board is the decision-making body of the MPO. The Board is made up of elected and appointed officials from member local governments and major organizations.

The Policy Board is responsible for preparing and approving the areas Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), the area's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and the MPO's Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).

The MTP plans for transportation infrastructure improvements 20 to 25 years in advance. The MTP include the improvements needed to the area's roadway network, public transportation infrastructure, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The TIP is the funding schedule for implementing transportation improvements in the area. If Federal Funds are to be used for a project they must approved by the Policy Board and be included in the MPO's MTP and TIP. The UPWP is the work program for MPO Staff. Work included in the UPWP is funded by Federal, State, and local funds.

Policy Board Officers

Board Chair:DeAnna Holliday, Lawrence County Commission
Board Vice-Chairman:Jeffrey Maddox, Wayne County Commission
Secretary:Kelli Sobonya, Cabell County Commission
Treasurer:Paul Davis, Tri-State Transit Authority

Policy Committee Members
Voting Member Representing Title Appointment
Steve Williams City of Huntington Mayor X
James Turner City of Huntington Lawyer X
Mark Bates City of Huntington Public Works Director X
Howard Anderson City of Huntington Citzen Member X
Vacant City of Huntington Citzen Member X
Ben Newhouse Cabell County, WV Cabell County Administrator X
Kelli Sobonya Cabell County, WV County Commissioner X
Vacant Cabell County, WV X
Chad Nelson Cabell County, WV Citizen Member X
Kenneth R. Adkins Wayne County, WV President, County Commission X
Jeffrey Maddox Wayne County, WV Commissioner X
Timothy Bias Wayne County, WV Mayor, City of Kenova X
Shane Dillion Wayne County, WV Citizen Member X
Andy Skidmore Putnam County, WV County Commission X
Vacant Putnam County, WV X
Vacant Putnam County, WV X
Eric Chaney Boyd County, KY County Judge Executive X
Gary Blanton Boyd County, KY Asst. Road Foreman X
Randy Stapleton Boyd County, KY County Commissioner X
Matt Perkins City of Ashland Mayor X
Randy Wheeler City of Ashland Transit Supervisor X
Michael Graese City of Ashland City Manager X
Bobby Hall Greenup County, KY County Judge Executive X
Eric Patton Greenup County, KY Grant Writer X
John Callihan Greenup County, KY Citizen Member X
Don Fraley Greenup County, KY Citizen Member X
Deanna Holliday Lawrence County, OH President, County Commission X
Patrick Leighty Lawrence County, OH County Engineer X
Bill Dingus Lawrence County, OH Director, Lawrence County Cofc X
Terry Porter Lawrence County, OH Trustee X
Ralph Kline Lawrence County, OH Assistant Director, ILCAO X
Vacant Lawrence County, OH X
Sam Cramblit City of Ironton, OH Mayor, City of Ironton X
Mark Dickess City of Ironton, OH Benefit Specialist X
​Jimmy Wriston WVDOH/DOT Sec. of Transportation/Commissioner of Hwys. X
Jim Gray KYTC Secretary of Transportation X
Jack Marchbanks ODOT Director X
Paul Davis TTA General Manager X
Brent Brown Tri-State Airport Director X