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Funding Overview

With the 2020 Census, KYOVA remained the Transportation Management Area (TMA) for the Huntington, WV-KY-OH urbanized area. A TMA designation is achieved by having an urbanized population of 200,000 or more. With this designation, KYOVA receives annual funding allocations from both the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) which is made available to the region’s local public agencies for transportation projects. KYOVA’s urbanized area includes the counties of Cabell and Wayne, West Virginia; the counties of Boyd and Greenup, Kentucky; and the urbanized portion of Lawrence County, Ohio.

KYOVA offers several funding opportunities for eligible agencies for transportation projects. The funding programs are:
  • Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBGP)
  • Surface Transportation Block Grant Set-Aside Program (TA Set-Aside)
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program
  • Carbon Reduction Program (CRP)
  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 Program
Descriptions of each program can be found in the Q & A Section.

Q & A

Is my agency eligible to apply for funds?
Eligible recipients include local member governments and providers of transportation that are located within KYOVA’s planning area. The map below depicts KYOVA’s planning area which includes Cabell and Wayne counties, West Virginia; Boyd and Greenup counties, Kentucky; and the urbanized portion of Lawrence County, Ohio. Agencies eligible for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 Program must be included in KYOVA’s Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Plan (Coordinated Plan). If your agency is not listed in the Coordinated Plan, please contact KYOVA Staff for more information and to establish eligibility. Interested nonprofit entities, and other nongovernmental agencies ordinarily are not eligible but can partner with a local public agency. With the new BIL, school districts, local education agencies, or schools are now considered eligible entities for TA Set-Aside funds.

Regional Intergovernmental Council (RIC), the Charleston, WV MPO, oversees planning and project approval within Putnam County, WV. Please contact RIC at 304-744-4258 for transportation funding questions if you have a project located Putnam County, WV.

KYOVA Planning Boundary for the Huntington, WV-KY-OH TMA KYOVA Boundary Map
How are the projects selected?
Projects will be prioritized and selected by those that align with the regional priorities and/or goals and support identified Performance Targets. Project applications will be accepted and considered for funding until all funds are committed. The TA Set-Aside requires that a competitive process be used by the State or MPO. Each funding program from KYOVA will have their own application process and application deadlines.

How much funding is available for each funding program?

Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG), STBG Set-Aside (TA) Program and Carbon Reduction Program (CRP)
Each state has their own “pot” of money for use within KYOVA’s planning area for the STBG Program, the STBG Set-Aside (TA) Program, and the Carbon Reduction Program (CRP). In West Virginia, KYOVA and RIC divide these funds per a pre-established planning agreement. If you have a project in Putnam County, West Virginia, please contact the Regional Intergovernmental Council (RIC) at 304-744-4258.

Funding has been committed through FY 2025 for Lawrence County, Ohio and therefore, KYOVA will not be accepting any applications for this area.

The FY 2025 & 2026 apportionments from both FHWA and FTA were not released at the time of this informational sheet. For planning purposes, KYOVA assumed a 5% increase per year for STBG, STBG Set-Aside, Carbon Reduction (CRP), and FTA 5310. When apportionments are released the tables will be updated.

STBG Funding Allocations under BIL
2025 (est)
2026 (est)
Cabell and Wayne, WV$4,734,110$4,828,792$5,129,881$5,386,375$5,655,694
Boyd and Greenup, KY$1,536,947$1,567,686$1,646,070$1,728,373$1,814,792
Lawrence County, OH (urbanized area)$654,019$667,100$630,375$661,894$694,988

TA Set-Aside Funding Allocations under BIL
2025 (est)
2026 (est)
Cabell and Wayne, WV$371,832$380,206$404,889$425,133$446,390
Boyd and Greenup, KY$158,613$162,004$154,763$162,501$170,626
Lawrence County, OH (urbanized area)$78,709$80,341$75,971$79,770$83,758

Carbon Reduction Program (CRP) Allocations under BIL
2025 (est)
2026 (est)
Cabell and Wayne, WV$551,026$562,046$597,092 $626,947$658,294
Boyd and Greenup, KY$182,265$185,910$177,366 $186,234$195,546
Lawrence County, OH (urbanized area)$78,506$80,076$75,667 $79,450$83,423

For more details on eligibility see KYOVA’s Project Eligibility Guidelines at the following link: [Here]

FTA Section 5310
FTA Section 5310 Program allocations are provided to the Transportation Management Area (TMA) to be awarded to any eligible agency within the KYOVA planning area. The table below provides projected funding allocations for KYOVA’s FTA Section 5310 Program.

Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and People with Disabilities under BIL
2024 (est)
2025 (est)
2026 (est)
Cabell and Wayne, WV; Boyd and Greenup, KY; and urbanized area of Lawrence County, OH

Is there a match?
The match depends on the funding program. The STBG Program, the STBG Set-Aside (TA) Program, and the CMAQ Program are offered through the Federal Highway Administration. The FTA Section 5310 Program is offered through the Federal Transit Administration. Generally, funding is allocated at 80 percent federal and 20 percent local/project sponsor for all projects. However, certain project types may be eligible for up to 100%. Contact KYOVA to discuss project type and percentage of match. Operating cost under the FTA Section 5310 Program may be allocated on a 50/50 basis with the funding source approval. The STBG and STBG Set-Aside (TA) Programs are reimbursable and not a grant. Meaning funds are not provided upfront. Projects must have a contract and a Notice to Proceed before any funds are reimbursed. The applicant will submit documentation of expenses and submit to their respective state agency for reimbursement. Funds spent prior to approval will not be reimbursed.

How do we apply?
The STBG, STBG Set-Aside (TA) and CMAQ applications can be found on the KYOVA website under the Funding Opportunities Tab. Projects using CRP funds will be evaluated within the STBG or STBG Set-Aside Programs applications. These applications are web-based which allow applicants to submit their request electronically. The STBG funding cycle is considered “open.” Meaning applications will be accepted until funds are expended. However, to comply with the Set Aside (TA) federal competitive process requirement a Call for Projects will be issued based on funding availability. KYOVA’s funding for the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Program applies only to the urbanized portion of Lawrence County, Ohio. However, at this time, all funds are committed and no applications will be accepted until FY 2025. The states of Kentucky and West Virginia hold Call for Projects for CMAQ through their state DOTs.

Carbon Reduction Program funds eligibility will be evaluated and determined through the STBG application process or for projects already programmed into the TIP with STBG funds.

The FTA Section 5310 application can be found on the KYOVA website under the Funding Opportunities tab. The application is a fillable form and must be completed and submitted as a hard copy to the KYOVA Office as directed in the application packet instructions. An annual Call-for-Projects (usually in late Spring/early Summer) for the Section 5310 program will be issued based on funds available.

Please check the KYOVA website for announcements and funding program updates or contact the KYOVA Office at 304-523-7434.