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STBG Set-Aside (Transportation Alternatives-TA) Program

The BIL continues previously eligible activities for the STBG Set-Aside (TA) Program provided for in the FAST Act. Set-aside funds can be used on all projects and activities that were previously eligible under TAP, which include those that improve access and mobility for non-drivers, such as pedestrians and bicyclists.

Eligible TA activities include:
  • Bicycle/pedestrian facilities
  • Landscaping and scenic beautification
  • Construction of turnouts, overlooks and viewing areas
  • Rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities and buildings
  • Control and removal of outdoor advertising
  • Archaeological planning and research
  • Mitigation of highway runoff and provisions for wildlife crossings

A competitive application process must be held for all Set-Aside/TA funded projects. Based on availability of the Set-Aside (TA) funds, KYOVA will issue a competitive Call for Projects. Upon receiving the application, they will be evaluated for eligibility. At this time, the project will also be evaluated for CRP eligibility. If the project is eligible they will be reviewed to determine if they align with KYOVA’s regional goals, priorities, and if they support KYOVA’s Performance Targets. At this time, the project will also be evaluated for CRP eligibility [Click Here] . After the review process, eligible projects are prioritized and presented to the KYOVA Policy Board for consideration and approval.

To facilitate a streamlined process, KYOVA uses a web-based on-line application. There are two (2) applications for the STBG Set-Aside (TA) Program. The first is for Planning Studies and Design (non-construction projects) and the second is for Construction and Transit Projects.

Applicants in Kentucky and West Virginia may also apply through the statewide process. The link to Kentucky’s TAP process can be found at: Click Here.

NOTE: Applications only for KYOVA’s KY Set-Aside (TA) Program are being accepted at this time. Please contact the KYOVA Office if you have any questions.

Click the appropriate box below to be directed to the STBG Set-Aside Program (TA) on-line application.

Set-Aside (TA) Program Planning Studies and Design Reports (non-construction) Set-Aside (TA) Infrastructure (construction) and Transit Projects

For more information on funding, eligible recipients, and eligible activities, please review the information sheet provided by the Federal Highway Administration at the following link: Click Here