Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. and E.L. Robinson Engineering Company have been retained by the KYOVA Interstate Planning Commission to provide professional services in the preparation of a Traffic and Safety Study for US 52 and SR 7 in Lawrence County, Ohio. The project study area includes US 52 from the Scioto County Line to SR 7, and SR 7 from US 52 to the Athalia City Limit.

In the study area, US 52 is generally a four-lane, median-divided, partially-controlled-access freeway with a 55 mph speed limit. SR 7 has recently been widened to a median-divided facility between the 10th Street Bridge and the 6th Street Bridge in Chesapeake and is a two-lane undivided facility along most of the remainder of the corridor.

The goal of this project is to identify short-, medium-, and long-range traffic and safety deficiencies in the corridor and develop physical and operational recommendations to address those deficiencies. The tasks include public engagement, data collection, modeling and traffic development, capacity analysis, safety analysis and development of alternatives.